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About Us

Photography is about the experience, connection, and process of creating, as much as it is about the resulting images. We want you to look at your images and remember how you felt at that moment in time... and we want that feeling to be amazing. That's what it's all about.

Your wedding day is about love and stories. The love you share with each other and family, and creating a story together. It is not about photography. We never want the process of creating images to intrude on your day, rather, we want it to add to the day in an amazing and memorable way. We want to create images that are filled with love, and we want to document stories... the story of you. While each wedding may have a bride and groom, a beautiful dress, and amazing people, each day is different, as different as the couple themselves. Your images should not be like everyone else's, they should be yours.

We are often asked if we are portrait photographers, artistic photographers, or photojournalists. The truth is, we are wedding photographers, that's the only way to describe what we do. We love art, we are expressive and energetic, and love creating and interacting with our couples. We are also observers. Sometimes the most beautiful moments are left untouched by an outsider, and we are merely the privileged documenters. We have no sales pitch, only a love of what we do, and a yearning to do it to the best of our abilities. We would love to document your day.