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At Amore Fiori, we believe you deserve more than a cookie-cutter approach to the flowers for your wedding. Our focus is completely on one couple — you — and our commitment to customizing your flowers to suit your unique style and wishes.

When you visit with us, we’ll want to know all the details — the style of your dress, the music, the venue, the style of photography, what the mother of the bride is wearing — so every element of your wedding is married. We want your flowers to complement all the other choices you’ve made to make your day everything you hope for.

If you have a theme, we’ll carry it through, from tropical to rustic vintage. All of our florals offer just-for-you designs, texture in both flowers and greenery, and colors in hues from muted to bright. Whatever emotions you want to celebrate, whatever memories you want to create, we’ll work with you and your vendors as a team to fashion the perfect atmosphere.


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Each wedding or event is tailored to the specifics of the space, season and personal taste of our clients.  We design a limited number of events each year to ensure superior service and attention to detail.  Consultations are by appointment at our home-studio in Portland. Contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation!


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