About Us

It's your special day and you deserve to look your best. All eyes will be on you and you'll have more pictures taken today than any day in your life. You need to look and feel your best. Image the confidence that you will show when you walk down the isle with the look like you just stepped out of a professional photo shoot for the cover of Bride's magazine!

Along with the beautiful gown, flowers, and cake, you want everything to look perfect. Your makeup is an important part of your overall look, however, it should enhance you, not make you feel like you're wearing a mask! Since you'll be photographed and/or videotaped, the camera lights are a specific concern. These lights tend to make the skin look paler and shinier than it really is, so makeup helps compensate for this.

Professional makeup is the newest trend in weddings. Think about it, you spend thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding day. You buy the perfect dress, have all of the right colors, ensure everything matches, in essence you work yourself to death to ensure perfection. And what is your plan so that you look great? Well, in years gone by you would have probably put on the same old makeup that you use on a daily basis, and therefore you'd look like any average day.

I want to help you look and feel your best. The mementos of the day, your photos, will reflect the beautiful, radiant bride you've always dreamed of being. If you feel uncertain over how to apply your makeup, or just want to be pampered on your special day, please give me a call.