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About Us

Not All Moments Pass in the Blink of an Eye...

Whether on a beach or at the altar, the details of the moment should never be lost. Uniquely capturing movement is an integral part of making my wedding photography spring to life by crafting the elements of light, emotion & color as they come together in beauty and one heartfelt, unforgettable spark, ignited by the flame of love.

When photographing the union between two people, and all the joy that surrounds them on their special day, I strive to create a lasting photographic documentary full of beauty, emotions, details and colors that would otherwise be lost in the blink of an eye. I transform the occasion into a living legacy that will recall the moment that can be shared for generations to come. Engagement, rehearsal, wedding day preparations, ceremony, and reception - I will be there to capture these moments and preserve them for you for all time.

My passion for photography runs deep. I have an innate love of nature and see beauty in almost everything around me. In truth, some of the compelling images have evolved through seeing the emotions moving across the faces of all those who are attending a wedding. Whether it be the wonder in the eyes of the young ring bearer, anticipation and love shared between the bride and groom, or tears of joy and pride streaming down the cheeks of the father of the bride, I carefully, quietly, and thoughtfully craft these precious times into your collection of memories.

Creativity, excellent lighting, gorgeous colors and tones, and a wonderful experience are a few of the hallmarks of my work. A true professional with results that are always fantastic. I have a bachelors and masters education in the Sciences and Arts, and have active membership and certifications in a number of professional organizations, and have received awards for some of my artistic and technical work. My clients include many happy couples, national corporations, professional organizations, local agencies and groups.

My services include wedding, event, fashion and corporate photography. I blend this diversity into a unique perspective that is always personalized. I incorporate digital photography and follow with digital photo enhancement and retouching. Using a photojournalism approach, I can capture your engagement, rehearsal, preparation, ceremony, formals, and reception in a mixed, black and white, and traditional style, while always focusing on the most creative and compelling shots. I offer photo albums, framable art-prints of your photos, DVD slide shows, and the very best and truest personalized service. I offer a variety of packages and my rates are very reasonable.

"Andrew was genuine and fun. He made us feel very comfortable. He took his time and made us feel as though we were special. We received our photos right away and they were better than we could have ever hoped. I would definitely recommend Andrew to everyone! 5/5"