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About Us

"Once Upon A Time . . .  Your Dream Happens!"

Annapolis Wedding Planning. knows it took longer than a day to dream of the perfect wedding, therefore your bridal experience should be as lavish as your actual day.

That is why we cater to the person not just the event.  We believe the journey to a spectacular event is just as important as the day.

Therefore we strive to create

                                       touching memories,

                                                     unforgettable  moments,

                                                                     a stamp on your lifelong timeline!

Browse through the pictures below to see a sampling of what we do. You'll notice there aren't many pictures of invitation or table settings just people enjoying their day, because that's what is important to us,YOU!!!

By the way grooms we offer entire packages and special celebrations just  for you and the guys.




I've been in three of your weddings including my own and attended two of your divorce parties. including my own. You make sure everyone has a good time including the bridesmaids and grooms men. Love your vegas parties best.!! Good TImes!! :-)

Jul 31, 2012

Thank you for your attention to detail and decorative eye. The wedding was gorgeous.

Jul 30, 2012

Seriously love your work on my bachelorette destination party can't wait till my Hawaii wedding.

Jul 30, 2012

Love your weddings and parties

May 13, 2012