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About Us

Anticlockwise Pictures is Chris Bowman and Carter Durham, L.A.-based filmmakers with extensive experience in fiction and nonfiction storytelling.

Flowers wilt and ice sculptures melt, but video is forever. Decades from now, your wedding video will be the sole record of all the sights, sounds and movements of your big day. The importance of choosing an excellent videographer cannot be overestimated. Here are 5 solid reasons it should be us:

5   R E A S O N S   T O   C H O O S E

1. We'll record your ceremony and reception in a classic, this-is-for-posterity manner, but we also offer adventurous extras. Our most popular is “60-Second Reception,” a rapid-fire time lapse of the biggest party of your life. Others include “This Day in History,” a sampling of headlines from your wedding day, and “Aisle File” a highlight clip you can e-mail loved ones.

2. All of our wedding packages include two videographers, each wielding a top-of-the-line, 3-chip camera. More angles on the action, more options in the cutting room.

3. At no additional charge, we’ll shoot your wedding in “24p mode,” a progressive-scan format that delivers a textured, cinematic look. This exciting technology will elevate your footage from “home movie” to “real movie."

4. We're always well-prepared. We'll even attend your wedding rehearsal to survey the location. Did we mention we're former Boy Scouts? Perhaps you're familiar with the Scout motto: “Be prepared.” On your big day, you can bet we'll be ready -- we're under oath.

5. Our focus is video. We don't do still photography, DJ'ing, chocolate fountains, or cummerbund alterations. We concentrate exclusively on moving pictures; it's what we're good at.

We're Anticlockwise Pictures. Call us today for a free demo DVD.