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About Us

Remember that guy who lined up your third grade class by height and crammed everyone into rows for the group picture, and there was just something about the whole process that made you feel like you were about to be executed?What about the way your sister's wedding photographer barked orders at the bridal party and spent all that time arranging everyone like dolls on a shelf when you could have been dancing to Frank Sinatra songs with your grandpa?

It is hard to tell you about my photography, because every event is unique and I strive to reflect that in my work. But my philosophy is always the same. Instead of acting on a contrived idea of what a particular photo should look like, I try to let the images create themselves, with as little posing as possible. There is so much magic in the subtle nuances of everyday life. I am constantly on the lookout for the life that hums beneath the surface - the moments in between moments.

I guarantee a fresh, unconventional end result, and my calm and versatile approach ensures that I'll be working WITH you and not just for you.