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About Us

Artfool unofficially began in 1995 when Matthew Robbins and Jack Myers were exhibiting artwork together in San Francisco and needed a showcase website for their collective talents. They came up with the name "Artfool" as it was both a lighthearted play on words and something not easily forgotton...as they have to repeat the name often:

"What do you call yourselves? Artful? No. Art...fool? Can you spell that for me?"

Partners for 11 years, they began collaborating on more events - with Matthew covering the event and floral design while Jack handled the various graphic needs of the same client. They officially incorporated this multidisciplinary design company in 2001.

Artfool refuses to be limited to the "one-trick pony" school of design - their skills are as diverse as their interests, and they continue to add to their arsenal of creative capabilities with each and every new project. Their goal is to provide a diverse range of products and services to accommodate the various creative needs of their clients.