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About Us

I've worked hard at my craft - perfecting the complex technical skills crucial to capturing the rich visual spectacle and subtle emotional nuance of these magical days. Some of the most skilled photographers in Baltimore were generous enough to mentor me in my early days. I have studied photography at the University of Maryland Baltimore County and Maryland Institute College of Art, and have traveled from Santa Fe to Atlanta studying with the masters of the medium. Our studio is now equipped with cutting edge digital equipment that offers the highest quality imagery and the option of seeing your photos on-line within just hours of your marriage.

But there is more going on in these photos than just good technique. Remanjon Photographers captures the fleeting, precious beauty of one the most important days in our couple's lives with singular immediacy. The artist in me is fascinated by these gracious, joyous celebrations. I am not sure if it is the timing I was taught as a young actor, or the empathy for romance born of my French ancestry but I seem to know intuitively where to be and when, when to shoot and when not to. Myself and my associates become part of the family team that produces these glittering events and this embrasure, these warm relationships, are rewarded by photos that are true and vibrant, real and gorgeous.