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About Us

Why should I hire you, give me the Top 10:

  1. Photos are important to you. You want to remember everything and you want it to look really good (especially you!)
  2. You finally found something different. And you want it.
  3. You have this crazy idea that your wedding is worthy of one-on-one, personalized attention, on more than just your wedding day.
  4. You want truly artistic photos, without having to deal with truly temperamental artists. They're not much in the way of fun.
  5. With everything going on, you need someone that can handle anything that gets thrown at them and breeze though the day, all smiles and having fun.
  6. Gardening, Bird Watching, Scrabble, Wedding Photography. You know one of these isn't a "weekend hobby".
  7. You understand that we're only half of the equation, truly beautiful images start with you and you're at your best working with someone both talented and fun.
  8. You're going to select your photographers because of how their photos make you feel. You have your own ideas and don't think a magazine's list of questions will help you find your photographers any more than they would help you find your ideal mate. (You didn't use the quiz, did you?)
  9. You understand that how comfortable you feel with your photographers really does make a difference in your photos- having fun and trusting them simply means better images. How comfortable you feel with your flowers and cake probably isn't so critical.
  10. You love what you've seen and you don't want to risk having anyone but Greg & Andrea photograph your wedding. Right now, you're hoping we're not booked.