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Our Style

Love. Beauty. Glamour. Those three words sum up so much of what we do. Our photographic style is a modern fusion of elements influenced by fashion, classical, photojournalism, and architectural photography.

Love is really the first and foremost emotion that we want to portray in our work. Not only the love shared between each couple, but the love shared with parents, family and friends. Weddings are really celebrations of all kinds of relationships, and we strive to capture that in our images.

Beauty is a big word, with lots of meaning. We want to portray our couples in the most flattering way, and use post processing to enhance the images afterwards. We want each couple to feel that their wedding photos are the most gorgeous ones they have ever had taken. Beauty also extends to making the venue look amazing, and just capturing the beauty and mood of the day.

Glamour for us is that little extra bling we love to add. Our use of off camera lighting, whether strobe or video light, has been refined over the years and helps us to incorporate the fashion feel into our images. That extends beyond the couple too, to the details of the day. We get the comment "that looks like it belongs in a magazine!" a lot, and that is exactly what we want to give to our clients. We want them to feel like superstars!

All of our packages include two award winning photographers and all of your high resolution, beautifully retouched files on a DVD.

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