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Custom Wedding Ceremonies

Create Your Own Custom Ceremony

There are two parts to the service that we provide:

1. We come to any location - from mountaintop, to backyard, to club, to church - to perform your ceremony.

2. We allow you to create your own ceremony. We have divided the wedding ceremony into its various parts. For each part, we offer many choices of wording from which to select. If you prefer, you can tell us that you do not want to include a specific part or you can add a part that we have not included. You also have the option of rewriting any part, so that every word that is said at your ceremony is something you want to hear about your relationship-not just words we have chosen for you. We take your choices and create your ceremony in a custom-made booklet that we use to perform your wedding. This booklet then becomes our gift to you so that you always have a copy of your own unique wedding service.

Fee: $300
A $100 deposit is required.

Words From Our Clients:

Dearest Janet,
What a joy it was to meet you. I like you so much. You did a wonderful job at our wedding and I thank you with all my heart. I'm going to miss you. God bless you Janet. Your lite is very bright. Love to you and your husband. Tony & Brenda

Dear Mr. Lang,
Mike and I wanted to thank you very much for being a part of our special day! We felt that we were very lucky to have someone so wonderful perform the ceremony! Again thank you so much! Mike & Kayleen

Thank you for attending our joyous union. We appreciate all that you did.
The Erck Bunch