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About Us

As You Like It Bridal is not just another bridal gown boutique. We offer a unique line of elegant, mix and match bridal gown styles. You select the one-of-a-kind gown that’s perfect for you. No two gowns are ever alike.

How it Works
Come in and allow us to help you choose from a wide range of interchangeable style options. We offer several styles and shapes of skirt, bodice (that’s the top part of the dress), and sleeves. Each pairs beautifully with any of the others. You mix and match to find your perfect style. You can try on every style option, every combination, in sizes 8-18, right in the store. No holding one-size sample gowns up on you to see how they might look, as you would in other boutiques. At As You Like It, you try on actual gowns in your own size until your dream gown comes to life.

Create Your Perfect Gown
Once you’ve found the style you love, you select the fabric, color and details of your gown from a wide range of options. From shimmering satin to sophisticated silk fabrics, brilliant white to mellow cream colors, a burst of sparkling beading or graceful touches of embroidery, every selection is available to see, touch, try on and compare. We are delighted to assist you in finding the special look that’s just right for you. And of course, we are happy to fulfill any special requests you might have.

Finally, we expertly construct the gown you choose to your own personal measurements. There are never alterations fees because alterations are never necessary – your gown is made to fit only you.

It is our promise to deliver to you a bridal gown that truly matches your individual beauty. Your gown will be unique, personal and perfect for you in every way – just As You Like It.

How it Works At As You Like It Bridal, we believe that to look beautiful, you must feel beautiful. This means tending to both the outer and inner you. Good nutrition, exercise, self-care, relaxation, and a positive attitude are as important as beautiful makeup, hairstyle, and the gown of your dreams on your wedding day. These elements combine to create a glow of happiness and confidence - this is when you truly look your best. That’s why we’ve created the Virtual Spa, dedicated to helping you look and feel great on your wedding day, and every day!

The Virtual Spa is a collection of information and advice on topics of inner and outer health and beauty, designed with you, the soon-to-be bride, especially in mind. Offered by experts in their fields, the wisdom you’ll find here will help you arrive at your wedding day healthy, happy and beautiful. In addition, each expert is happy to answer your questions over email – for free! – and is also available for private appointments and wedding-day services.