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About Us

If you value high quality photography, you are in the right place.

My services:
I photograph wedding, portrait, events and corporate function, digitally.

Who am I ?
My name is Sukit. I am a highly skilled professional photographer with years of
experience in wedding, portrait and corporate photography. I will capture your
wedding as it reflects your personal style, and to leave you with photographs and
albums that will tell the unique story of your most special day and memories that
you will cherish forever.

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All packages include all edited image files on DVD, (at original resolution). A permission-to-print letter will be given, so you can have the freedom to print your
pictures anywhere legally, (for personal use only).

My sample images do not comprise of lucky shots from years of countless weddings. I currently have sample images from 14 recent real life weddings. Each web page represents each wedding.

You will not see digital manipulation on most sample images. Digital manipulated
images will look dated, in time...if used incorrectly. Many photographers use it as to
mask the deficiency in the images themselves.