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About Us

AYS takes great pride in being professionals. We are always on time and dressed in appropriate attire. We have done over 500 weddings and events in 15 years, and we still treat each one as a unique experience. We not only capture the event, we capture the excitement and emotion that will make you cry every time you watch your DVD.

We will arrive at your home or venue 1 – 2 hours before the invitation time and start filming everything that is related to your wedding event. This is a non-stop process of capturing touching moments as the day progresses. We film the ceremony, cocktails, reception with toasts, dancing, cake, and everything in between.

AYS uses only small, professional DV and HD, low light digital cameras and discrete lighting. Wireless microphones are used during the ceremony for clear and present sound. A steadicam maybe used to give your film the cinematic look seen in the movies.

The day’s events will be HIGHLIGHTED in a Short Form edited film with special effects added (slow motion, black and white, sepia, film look, etc.) Special salutations & endearments from the Bride/Groom/Dad/Mom plus your vows to each other. Titles and music overlay will be added into a tightly edited masterpiece that you will never fast forward through or get tired of viewing. Your full-length documentary style film will follow with all the sights and sounds of your entire wedding day.