About Us

There are only 2 places on the Western Hemisphere specialized in Cave-Tubing Nature Adventure and WE ARE ONE OF THEM! Puerto Rico is one of the unique places in the world where you can experience Cave-Tubing through underwater caves. Atabey Eco Adventures is the only Eco-Archaeological-Educative company in the region certified Sustainable Operation proudly endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, offering our visitors a unique, magical and unforgettable experience. Some of our exclusive attractions include: The Petroglyphs Cave, Moises Viewpoint Site (1400 ft above sea level) where you can witness one of our national wonders and Atabey's declared World Heritage Site: The Puerto Rican Northern Karst Province. Rainforest hiking, Cave explorations, amazing geological formations, visits to natural river pools, treks to stunning viewpoint sites. Tour on the Caribbean archaeological most important Indigenous-Taino Ceremonial Center. All fun, adventurous and exciting ways to reconnect with Mother Nature. Our Nature Adventure guided tours are in perfect harmony with Earth and focused on interpretation and education, leading to conservation, protection and preservation of Puerto Rico Natural Wonders. BE AMAZED, BE EMBRACED: ATABEY! For more information visit us at our website.