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About Us

Atlanta Premarital Counseling offers a 1 day workshop designed for couples to obtain the Premarital Counseling and Marital Education they need in a format that is quick, easy, and fun. The workshop meets all of the requirements for GA state law plus has a special section dedicated to sex across the life span. Also, as an added bonus each couple will be given 2 free counseling sessions to address topics specific to each couples needs. The 1 day workshop covers the following topics...

  1. Conflict Management
  2. Communcation Skills
  3. Family Financial Responsibility
  4. Child and Parenting Preparedness
  5. Extended Family Roles
  6. Sex Matters
  7. Marital Expectations
  8. Making a Marriage Manifesto

Please visit the website for more details and registration or call 1.888.788.4624!