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About Us

Your wedding day will be different and unique: a life-defining moment and reference point for all that follows. A quality wedding video is an important investment in the memory of all the events, emotion and humor of your day.

Photography captures moments, but only video preserves forever the added dimensions of sound, time and continuous action.

  • Our Fundamentals: Real. Beautiful.

Many videographers place a greater emphasis on their stylistic interpretation than the accurate and complete documentation of your wedding day. Avant Digital Media works closely with each couple to ideally balance these two important fundamentals in every video we produce: beautiful to the eyes, while also preserving the truth of your day.

You'll see everything the way it actually happens, presented in a contemporary, cinematic style. There's no reason to compromise either accuracy or style; we deliver both at a refreshingly affordable price.

Avant Digital Media isn't the least nor the most expensive video service. We can't offer you 16 hours of coverage for $500; however, we also won't quote you $5000 for 30 minutes of finished video. Our reasonably priced services provide exceptional value and include:

  • Planning and Organization. Our detail-oriented approach customizes a successful production plan that fully addresses your personal preferences, scheduling, locations, style, music and any creative challenges.

  • Transparent Filming Style. Relax and enjoy the events of your day as they naturally unfold; our non-intrusive, documentary filming style captures the truth of your wedding day without videographers directing or controlling events for the camera.

  • Quality Camerawork. Careful attention to composition, color balance, exposure and focus before filming begins produces higher quality video far superior to "corrections" made later in a computer.

  • Professional Equipment: multi-camera service. Avant Digital Media films with professional, three chip, 24-frame video cameras. Ceremony: two or three cameras with tripod support. Pre-ceremony/reception: one camera with tripod support or steady-cam stabilizer. Hand-held filming is kept to absolute minimum.

  • Quality Sound. Quality video is the combination of both excellent image and sound. Stereo wireless microphones capture your vows with crystal-clear accuracy. DOLBY audio encoding ensures you'll enjoy it each time you view your DVD.

  • Complete Editing and Post-production. Every finished video is fully edited and includes interactive menus, chapter buttons, titles, credits, your choice of music and digital transitions. Because every video is a unique creation, final lengths may vary. Your finished video includes every second of your ceremony between processional and recessional, pre-ceremony and reception highlights, as well as any other elements of the day you select to have filmed.

  • Quality Output. For quality and permanence, our format of choice is DVD; complete with interactive menus and chapter buttons. However, we can convert your finished video to any medium including VHS, digital master tape, web-encoded streaming formats or foreign standards for viewing in other parts of the world.

  • Wide Service Area. No mileage fees throughout Western Washington and including Greater Portland. Reasonable destination fees to Canada, Mainland US and Hawaii. Please inquire. Call for your complementary demo DVD today.

View references and sample clips @ www.avantdigitalmedia.com.