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What music will accompany you and your wedding party on your big day? The music you choose will set the mood and evoke the emotion of your magical moment, so we encourage you to take time to consider it carefully.

Why should you hire LIVE musicians? Live music is an ancient tradition. From princes to paupers, people have married to the sounds of live music. Live music at your wedding will transform an average ceremony into an extraordinary ceremony. You may not have 10,000 flowers, 45 chefs and a 200 pound Grand Marnier cake like Donald Trump did at his last wedding, but for a nominal cost, you can walk down the aisle and enjoy your celebration in style if your wedding includes live musicians.

People use live music because it is more entertaining, more memorable and more intimate than recordings. We have never heard a regret about using live music. No one has said, "This would have been so much more moving with a boombox and a wedding CD."

From Wagner's traditional "Here Comes the Bride", to Pachelbel's "Canon in D", to the “Theme from Love Story”, we can play your favorite music to capture the spirit of you as a couple.

Visit the Avira Flute Duo website for more information and to hear demos!