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About Us

We offer the discriminating bride and groom beautifully captured memories of that special day..... your Wedding!

Whether you choose a simple remembrance or gala affair, you can be sure that the team from AVP Multimedia will capture all of the sights and sounds for you to cherish the rest of your life.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the Photography and Videography profession, we know what people expect from their memories...and we deliver, often exceeding customers' expectations.

You will find AVP Multimedia to be very attentive to you and your family and guests by respecting your wishes and comfort. We have learned how to "capture the moment" without being invasive or obtrusive. Oftentimes, clients comment that they never even saw us filming many of the scenes that were on their videos.

With all that will be going on during your wedding day, you will be so involved with people and events that you probably won't even remember much of what happened "out in the wings," but you can rest assured that we'll be right there to capture it. We never work under time constraints or hurry along to finish early. For the price you pay...we're yours for the day. That's a promise!