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About Us

With over fifteen years of planning, managing and facilitating special events, we take pride in our wealth of fresh ideas, attention to detail, dedication to service and unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Whether it's your ceremony, reception or a black-tie affair, our experienced coordinators will develop a creative concept for your event and produce it with the utmost care. We provide the following Event Planning Services, and more. If you need an excuse to celebrate, we can help.

Event Planning Services:

  • Invitation and menu design
  • Interior and exterior decor
    ~Special lighting
    ~Floral arrangements
  • Musical entertainment
  • Games
  • Speaking engagements
  • More

Possibly the most important private event is a wedding. The cost and the complexity can put an undue burden on you to make sure everything is perfect. But it's hard to host an event and be the center of attention at same time.

AVSO insures that the day of your dreams is ready and waiting for you as you walk down the aisle with nothing but the thought of your loved one in mind.

AVSO handles any private affair with sensitivity and enthusiasm. We take personal pride in seeing you and your guests happy and connected.

AVSO creates comfortable, stylish, and always pleasurable events to suit any need with inspired ideas and seamless service from start to finish.