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"In photos-she's gorgeous. In action-flawless!" Alexandra Ahnide 2015. Belly Dancer, Singer, Actress, and Film Maker. "Thank you for your wonderful entertainment!" Avalon Resort Fairy Fest, 2015 Soon to be in a featured role in a motion picture-details coming soon. Professional since age one. Playing finger cymbals since age two. As a singer, she is being hailed as "the next Liza Minnelli" by fans. Academy Award Winner Morgan Freeman was her first acting teacher at the Hudson Guild Theatre in Manhattan. As an "auteur film maker" she has been described as a new Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch, Ed Wood Jr., George Romero, and even Andy Warhol! As a belly dancer, after going "pro" at age one she has performed with some of the biggest names in belly dance music history including Simon Shaheen (“Blue Flame”),"Baba" Ajdin Aslan ("In an Egyptian Garden"), Freddy Elias ("Strictly Belly Dancing"), and Anestos Athanasiou ("Concerto for Bouzouki") among others. Aziza has entertained in fine restaurants, nightclubs, country clubs, college campuses, block parties, and festivals. She was on the "Turkish Voice" TV show as a guest artist for several years. She received recognition as an "Armenian in World Dance" from the "Armenian Museum of Literature and Art" in Yerevan in 2008. “Aziza has grown up on Turkish Television. She is outstanding because she is so very graceful.” Inci Fenik, Producer and Host, “Turkish Voice.” “Aziza did indeed make it look as easy as breathing.” The Charleston Gazette. “But you could tell when Aziza did it-it was the real thing!” nightclub patron. “Tell me. How long have you been belly dancing? No!!!! Don't tell me!!! For I know. ALL YOUR LIFE!!! ALL YOUR LIFE!!!.” enthusiastic Greek gentleman at an outdoor fest. “I thought I knew what belly dancing was but then I saw you and realized I knew nothing!!!” member of the “Baha'i Faith of Long Island.” Her mentor was her mother Johanna, one of the top stars of Middle Eastern Dance in NYC. Aziza also performs Jazz, Afro Caribbean, and Latin Freestyle Dance. She can perform Middle Eastern and Medieval themed shows, 70s and 80s Pop oriented shows with song and dance, and also retro Big Band and Burlesque type offerings. Aziza has also made a splash on the Fairy Festival circuit with a triumphant performance at the Avalon Resort near Washington, DC. Another recent performance was as a Pirate Queen in a "Rock and Roll" club in WV. Her costumed characters include Greek Goddess, Gypsy, Pirate Queen, Fairy or Butterfly. 


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