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About Us

Here's the idea behind our “happy made easy” motto: Your wedding can be awesome, and you can have a lovely time planning it too. This doesn’t take a miracle. But it does take entertainers who are in touch with you and your guests.

The core of the Backthird approach is wedding DJs who know how to serve a client and handle a crowd. We don't hire gearheads or music snobs; we hire actors and singers and customer-service experts who know how to direct your reception without resorting to awkward gimmicks or silly banter. Then, we turn them into true masters of ceremony.

If you want something special, you can include a jazz ensemble to liven up your cocktail hour, or strings group like Twin Strings to play pop music on classical instruments during your dinner time.

In every case, the difference is relationship. Meet your DJ right away - then work personally with every key player at your reception during the planning process. Your wedding will have something no other wedding has ever had. But your entertainers can't possibly understand what that is - unless they understand you.

Our approach is easy, but it's not for everybody. To see if we're right for your wedding, request a meeting in person or by phone. For comments from our past clients and video of our performers, visit backthird.com.