About Us

Bakersfield Valet Parking Services provides valet parking for special events, fixed location scenarios, and private parties for both private entities and businesses.

Special Events and Private Party Functions

  • Weddings (Ceremonies & Receptions)
  • Rehearsal Dinners
  • Bachelorette & Bachelor Parties
  • Meetings & Events
  • Birthdays
  • Holiday Parties
  • Any Occasion Where First Impressions and Hospitality Are Essential

Fixed Locations & Business Practicalities

  • Restaurants
  • Country Clubs
  • Business Plazas
  • Wedding Venues

Bakersfield Valet Parking Services has many benefits for all occasions. Our services can act as a supplement to continuing customer service for your establishment or restaurant. Valet parking is an indication that your business considers service the top priority. Guests arriving at any occasion are made to feel welcome and our services are an additional demonstration of your hospitality.

Bakersfield Valet Parking Services allows an established business to offer valet parking as often or infrequently as desired, which keeps expenses low (insurance costs, capital costs, in-house employees) and your services at an all-time high!

Bakersfield Valet Parking Services can provide all of the following for your event:

  • Professional Uniformed Parking Attendants
  • Valet Parking Signs
  • 3-piece Valet Parking Tickets for Your Guests
  • Key Podiums and Key Boxes
  • Complete Garage Keeper’s Liability Insurance
  • Complete General Liability Insurance

What is Bakersfield Valet Parking Services?
Bakersfield Valet Parking Services is an owner operated company that provides valet parking services for special events, fixed location scenarios, and private parties for both private entities and businesses.

How does Bakersfield Valet Parking Services charge for its services?
Bakersfield Valet Parking Services’ fees are based upon several factors. For the most part, an establishment will pay an hourly rate per valet. Certain characteristics of the event needing valet parking service are analyzed to determine how many parking attendants are required. How many guests/vehicles are expected? In what time frame will guests be arriving and departing? How many hours will the event require parking attendants? What equipment will be needed to efficiently and smoothly maintain the service? All special events and situations will be critiqued and analyzed to provide the best possible service.