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What makes us different? The Bax Team collectively has over 80 years experience in the business. With a high standard of art and a common interest in making your event awesome, we always deliver. Owner, Brian, has been entertaining in the area for 10+ years. His vision in creating this "Super Team" was to finally set a standard for delivering quality artwork, while simplifying the search for event planners all over town. Caricatures are a lasting memory that your guests will actually hang on to. Are you looking for that "something" that will make your event a hit? Let's get started planning your party. Ask about Event Perks!


Friendly Artists that arrive early, often stay late, entertain your guests and surely don't smell funny! :)

Our clients prefer B&W drawings because we are able to entertain more of your guests. Full color and themed drawings are great for Gifts. Yes, we have a Gift Illustration department, too. Look through our photos for the beautiful, colored caricatures. We spend a little extra time on these!

Bax artists draw approximately 15 people per hour. I'm sure you are scratching your head right now wondering why we don't draw 20-30/hour like the other guys. Yes, we can draw that fast, but choose not to. Our clients like us because we focus more on likeness and quality than being the "Fastest" artist in town. At the end of the day, if it doesn't resemble you or your child, you won't be happy. Besides, 15 people per hour is still quite impressive!


We all survived numerous hot summers at Six Flags St. Louis to start our journey's in the Caricature Business. The blacktop was sizzling, the days were long and our fingers were blistered from drawing endless lines of people. It was a college job for most of us, but the training was a game changer. Who would have guessed that this passion, this college job, could turn into a career. 

My name is Brian Bax. All of the guys and gals that make up this team are trusted, talented friends that I have years of experience with. We all were lucky enough to have gotten the best training available for caricature illustration. I hand-picked this team because of their skills, personality, professionalism and passion for making events awesome.

The Journey Continues!


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