Frigate Bay
Frigate Bay, St. Kitts
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About Us

Extreme Watersports Excursions: Kiteboarding (Kitesurfing) - Feel the natural power of the wind as it lifts you and you glide across the water. Certified IKO Instruction will ensure you have fun in safe and controlled environment! Flyboarding - Fly like Ironman with waterjets shooting out of your feet. Rocket into the air, dolphin dive, backflip... So much fun and anyone can do it! Sailing - Have your own boat and captain for the day and learn how to sail! Hands on experience and a great way to spend some time out on the water with friends or family! Wakeboarding - Great fun for those low wind days! Surfing - We'll keep you up to date when there is good swell to go out and rip some waves!