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About Us

As a recently married fellow, fresh in my mind are the many decisions Mary and I had to make about our wedding. So many people giving advice. The older they were the more advice they had to offer! Our parents insisted on professional pictures at our wedding because, like many, they just didn't think it was worth all of the money to hire someone for their wedding. Thirty years later, they had no album to show us as we prepared for our day. We really came to understand the importance of properly documenting this once-in-a-lifetime event. With a collection of lovely photographs, the events of your special day will be preserved forever. Every moment captured in time on the very day you were wed, from your first kiss as mister and misses to your last dance; every memory a new family heirloom for the generations."

As an accomplished fine art photographer with a history of documenting a diverse set of subjects, I bring a high level of class and unique nature to your wedding event. Mary and I work together in the creative process to ensure there is a sentimental quality which we've found almost nonexistent in classical portraiture. Having worked within the high technology industry in supercomputer laboratories with some of the most advanced hardware in the world, I come from quite a different perspective than the status quo. Ten years of experience working with computer graphics and a storied past of hand-developing and printing black and white film in the basement of my childhood home have given me the technical skill. While the male perspective tends to be almost too technical, Mary's artistic influence provides a much-needed balance.

We offer services including, but not limited to, the following:

  • All-day coverage: from the salon to the dance floor!
  • Engagement sessions
  • DVD Multimedia presentations

Free to every couple:

  • Unlimited exposures
  • Proofs posted online for your web-based enjoyment
  • Attendance at the rehearsal

Attention: No-Package zone! You're spending months and thousands of dollars planning your perfect wedding. How can you expect some photographer's idea of a package to fit your idea of perfection? We insist on working with our customers to tailor services suited exactly to the details surrounding your day.