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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Aundrea and I am a photographer based in Hawaii, living on the beautiful island of Maui. My specialty is wedding and portrait photography and I come with over 10 years of experience.

I like to blend into your special day and be a part of it without taking over. I love things to be natural as opposed to scripted and staged so I direct only when necessary. My aim is to always keep things comfortable so I can capture what is real for my clients. My favorite pictures are the ones that convey the emotions and truth of the moment and I don’t mind spending the time to make sure the atmosphere is relaxed enough to discover these little treasures.

I truly enjoy time with new people whether traveling across the world or meeting a new family or a graduating senior. It is one of the wonderful perks of my profession that I get to enjoy knowing who my clients are and what makes them the unique individuals that they are. I'm a mother of four and know how kids are so when I have the opportunity to work with the kiddos I love to just hang out with them for bit, sit and watch them for a little while so they're comfortable to be themselves as we shoot. I like to see what direction they move, what makes them smile, and how they interact with their surroundings. Each person is different and whether that person can barely walk yet, are graduating, or are walking into the beauty of marriage that is exactly what makes me love my job, it's what inspires me, and is what keeps me creative!

Contact me personally under (808) 280-1688, per mail@bellaevaphotography.com or visit www.bellaevaphotography.com for more details.


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