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About Us

One website for all your gift giving needs, for all types of people

We specialize in wedding gift baskets and favors.  Room block gifts, favors for each place setting and bridesmaid, groomsmen or parent gift baskets.

We can design a gift basket that reflects the colors of a wedding or logo.
Give us a call to set up an appointment - 720-255-8812

We are proud members of BOMA, BNI, and ISES

Top 5 Reasons to Shop at Bell's Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets

1.  This is our full time job -we do not do this as a side gig
2.  A new, modern approach to the elegant art of gift baskets
3.  We are "green"- we want to reduce our carbon footprint too, so we try to make gift baskets with the basket as something to use, when possible
4.  We actually BELIEVE in great customer service . Without customers, we wouldn't have a job and we recognize that.
5.  We have taste tested and/or used each of our products so we know they are high quality.

Bell's Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets is a philanthropic organization.

How we got started (Our Story):

Bell's Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets was an idea that came about during a talk around a summer campfire. I thought of how I needed to purchase a baby shower gift and how I love to give multiple items, but how I just didn't have time to go to the store and do it. I wished there was a website that I could just point and click and get it all at once. This also would have come in handy around Christmas time when I needed to purchase multiple gifts for multiple customers. The gifts always seemed so impersonable, but I didn't have time to go to multiple locations to get what each person would like. I thought, what if there was a website that would have that for me all in one location?? I wanted one site where the busy individual would be able to purchase multiple gifts at one time, instead of having to go from site to site or store to store. I wanted the gifts to be personable, so that the person you are giving them to knows that you truly do care. I want the gift baskets to be completely useful and have little to no waste. Everything in the basket can be used whether it's an experienced person receiving the gift or a novice. I also believe very much in giving back to the community. I support a local no kill animal rescue and hope to be able to offer grants for 501c3 organizations in the future. Bell's Extra-Ordinary Gift Baskets 12163 W. Stanford Drive Morrison, Colorado 80465 phone: 720-255-8812 fax: 720-981-2810 jenbell33@earthlink.net