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About Us

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.  Beltaine would love to entertain your guests at the wedding and reception.

Beltaine is a quartet of musicians that performs Celtic Fusion which combines traditional Celtic music with jazz, blues, rock, and classical influences.  Our instruments include hammered dulcimer, guitar, accordion, flute, marimbula, and other instruments from around the world.

We can play traditional wedding tunes like Pachabell, Ave Maria, and the Wedding March.  Beltaine also offers many unique Celtic wedding tunes like the Wedding March From Unst, Southwind, Jessica’s Wedding Reel, and Mari's Wedding.  These tunes have a great history and the will provide a unique, ethereal atmosphere for your special day.

For the reception, we can play soft music during your meal.  We can take it up a bit with some jigs and reels that are sure to get people's toes tappin'.  After that we can switch to some good old rock and roll or DJ music from your iPod or iPhone.

Beltaine performs throughout the Northwest at many events including; The Bite of Oregon, Portland Rose Festival, Portland Highland Games, Newport Celtic Festival, The Galway Bay Celtic Festival, The Grotto Festival of Lights, Pittock Mansion Holiday Music Program, and regular performances at The Highland Stillhouse and Irishtown. 

I have included some comments from clients:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful music with us and our guests at our wedding!

"Over hill ways up and down
Myrtle green and bracken brown,
Pass the shilling through the town,
All for Paul and Ali"

All our best to you, Ali & Paul! (Ali – her wedding)


“Everything you played, sang, entertained was absolutely perfect.  All of your personalities fit perfect with the mood we hoped for – FUN.  We didn’t expect that you would go upstairs – just that you would do exactly what You did – set up downstairs, and play while people arrived – so perfect again.  I have several emails, cards from out of town guests who have written to Tell, us how having you play at the wedding was so perfect,


You were all just great!!! Kudos to all.  The bride & groom thought it was everything they expected, and both were so pleased to have you there.  You just seemed to know when to do what, and that was a tremendous help to me.  So Thank you so much. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!!”  (Michelle, mother of the bride)


Thank you so much for the great entertainment last night.  You guys were AWESOME!  I hope that you will be able to perform for us again in the near future. (Performance at Providence Hospital)


“The lavender festival was a smashing success this year as the comments of

over a thousand visitors attest.  Of course, the most frequent reaction was to

the wonderful sight and aroma of lavender.  Along with the relaxing wonder of lavender, the sounds of Beltaine drifted on the air.  The combination created an environment of ambience, inspiration and friendliness.  Many guest lingered for an hour or two, relishing the sounds of the dulcimers, guitars, and other instruments.  John, Kris, and Brian, treated the crowd to ballads which young and old alike loved.    Volunteers, vendors, and visitor all agreed that Beltaine helped to make the Festival a wonderful success”! (Helvetia Lavender Festival)


I would be happy to talk to you more about you event and discuss options with you.  I can also send you a promotional packet with a sample of our wedding music.  You can also listen on-line at www.beltainemusic.com.

Please call me at 503-473-7041.

Congratulations again!


Celtic Blessing
May you both be blessed
  with the strength of heaven,
The light of the sun and the 
   radiance of the moon
 The splendor of fire,
The speed of lightning,
The swiftness of wind,
The depth of the sea,
The stability of earth,
And the firmness of rock. 



Beltaine played at both our ceremony and reception. We received a lot of compliments for choosing a live band to start our reception off and Beltaine was great for all generations and provided a fun way to get the party started. Beltaine has great energ

Rebecca Griffin
Jan 25, 2014