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About Us

What will fulfill YOUR vision for your wedding photography?

I want to know, because I have two simple goals for you. I want you to have a ball at your wedding. And I want you to say: "These are great photos. This was our wedding! Hiring Ben was the best choice we could have made!"

Experience. Artistry. Service. Quality. Personality. These are the five "pillars" that are the support and substance of my work, because wedding photography is far more than merely having someone there, taking generic pictures.

EXPERIENCE: I have been doing weddings in the Bay Area for 20 years. My sterling reputation, which has made me a preferred vendor at many premier venues, lies in my ability to handle with aplomb any technical, artistic, or social situation that comes up.

ARTISTRY: As a working artist, I am doing something I truly love AND providing pleasure for my clients. It is wonderful to be told years afterwards that my clients are still enjoying their wedding albums.

For me, your wedding album is not just some pictures in a book. I create a storybook-- a complete and balanced narrative of your wedding day-- by giving you the very best of both traditional photography AND modern candid photography and photojournalism. It will become a family heirloom and an enduring gift to the future.

Traditional wedding photography is about people: natural and attractive portraits of you and your loved ones, and artistic and creative images that capture the elegance and romance of your wedding-artwork to please you for years to come. Candid photography and photojournalism capture the event-the details, as well as the mix of emotion, ceremony, and fun that will be your day. These are always plentiful, lively, and fun to look at.

SERVICE: My orientation towards service in everything I do will make the whole process simple, easy, and painless, from the initial interview to receiving your final albums and prints. Planning, organization, and attention to your needs are my hallmarks. As one bride said: "We wanted to get married, have a party, and see wonderful photos. You made sure it happened!" I am your photographer: I don't hire other people for your wedding, and to give my best to my clients, I do only one event per day.

QUALITY: I work with only professional equipment, and have an assistant at every wedding. I use only professional color labs, not one-hour labs or discount stores. All albums are archival storage systems, and are guaranteed for life.

PERSONALITY: On a day filled with family, activity, and emotion, the last thing you want is your photographer adding to, or worse, creating stress. My friendly, calm personal style, my unobtrusive approach, my organization, and my attentiveness to your needs will make the photography a relaxed and integral part of your day.

Welcome to my world of quality wedding photography and service.

Ben Janken Photography
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