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About Us

Why buy a Bergstrom Diamond?

Having been in business since 1923, Bergstrom provides excellent customer service- whether you purchase on-line or in our store.

  • Insurance appraisals!
  • No labor to set your diamond purchase!
  • Lifetime trade-in privileges!
  • Lifetime cleaning!
  • Lifetime monitoring of your rings prongs for wear!
  • Lifetime ring sizing!

On-line you have the opportunity to select from thousands upon thousands of stones with competitive pricing and many added values. Select from every cut, color, and price range!

When you purchase your Bergstrom diamond on-line you can visit our store for huge savings on a large selection of designer platinum, 18kt and 14kt rings, pendants and earrings!

We want your on-line diamond shopping to be worry free. By selecting your diamond on Bergstrom Jewelers site you have the option to have it shipped to the store in 24 hours for free so you can examine the stone before you purchase! And if you are not a local customer we can always ship the diamond directly to you!

Unlike jewelers who exist strictly on-line, Bergstrom has been in business for over 82 years. We know gems and precious metals; we service fine jewelry every day; and we stand behind every sale. We'll be here every time you visit. No error messages saying we've vanished into cyberspace. Browse our diamond selection on-line or at our store. We'll be here. Today and tomorrow!

To learn more about how to choose a diamond that's right for you, click here.