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I artfully blend a keen sense of emotion, beauty and photojournalism into my wedding images. A wedding is packed with incredible photo opportunities. My unique style is to shoot pictures throughout the day providing you with complete wedding coverage. From the brides tender moments getting ready to the high energy and excitement of the receptions.

If I was to use one word to describe my style it would be spontaneous. I like to catch you in the moment and keep it real. My images are honest and full of emotion. I'm there to document your wedding, not direct it. My style is to photograph the story not create it. Coldfeetweddings.com has an awesome team of photographers that will be there to assist Ron Henry in covering your big day. The photographers may also be for hire if Ron Henry is not available. Please feel free to call or email for more information at ronhenry@yahoo.com


"Well, it was worth the wait!! The pictures are absolutely fabulous. Aaron and I are both very happy with how you captured our big day--couldn't believe how many shots your got...I hardly noticed you during the ceremony and reception. Thank you for giving us wonderful visual memories of the most momentous occasion of our lives." Lauren

"Thank you for giving us so many 'surprise' shots. They are some of our favorites. You did a fantastic job and the photos are perfect!!" Steve and Amity

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