The Black Stallion Hills Ranch 10 mins drive from Tamarindo.
Tamarindo, Province of Guanacaste
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About Us

We offer a rustic ranch style evening that's private & exclusive.We specialize in small groups & also do special events for families & friends. ( What we do, is BBQ just for u.) The BBQ is outside in " the shack "under the stars, people relax in the Cafe & Saloon, which is a unique rustic wood design.The best way to descibe the set up is " Costa Rican cowboy Saloon with a surfer twist."We make every evening special & unique ! It is reservations only. Please book in advance. We start at 7 pm & BBQ the best local assorted meats,lomo,ribs,pork,steak,chorizo,ranch chicken & veggies. Then finish the evening with a tropical desert that's always a surprise, followed by a tropical blended some thing good. We start BBQ ing at 7pm. & The food is served no later than 7.30 Pm.We suggest people arrive at 6.30-7 Pm.The good news we have a new paved road so it's a quick trip from tamarindo.The BBQ dinners we do are a feast, so it's very unlikely u will leave hungry.See u soon & Pura Vida !