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About Us

I'm a Kauai based photographer, originally from Peru (South America). Before I came to Kauai I studied photography while in Santa Barbara, California. When I was little I used to complain about not being gifted in the Arts because I didn't seem to develop a talent for drawing. With time I learned there are many different types of art out there, photography has been a medium through which I have been able to express my creativity. Working with color palettes, adjusting images for optimal brightness, contrast, color balance, saturation and sharpness is my way of being an artist. I also like to play around with a variety of digital filters on my images to further capture the story each individual image has to express. Through my artistic photojournalism I like to capture those unique and inspiring moments that create the true impression of a wedding or event. My goal is to help you relive the spontaneity, joy, emotion, and ambiance of the memorable day with images that never cease making you smile.

I treat every wedding as unique and inspiring, and devote myself to the responsibility of capturing that through pictures. Through hard work, effort, and experience, I search for those natural, unanticipated moments that are at the essence of real emotion. I believe the quality and sensitivity of my work are going to satisfy not just your expectations, but also your dreams.

I will be happy to accommodate any personalized requests.

With warm aloha,
Blenda Montoro Miller.