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What's Important When Choosing a Photographer? If I were to advise someone that was searching for a photographer to document their wedding day (maybe someone like yourself), I would say that there are two equally important criteria that, if met, will help you make a decision that you will be happy about.

First, do you love the photographers work and style? Take a look at his or her work and ask yourself how it makes you feel? Does the work capture things that are important to you in a way that you find visually appealing? Are you finding yourself visually drawn into his or her work and are you finding the images emotionally evocative in a way that you are enjoying?

After you've narrowed your search to photographers whose work you love, your second task is to find the one photographer that you feel the most comfortable with. If you are not comfortable with your photographer it will come through in the photographs. At least half of what goes into making great photographs of people is a high level of comfort between the photographer and subject. Choose a photographer that makes you feel at ease and safe.

It's All About You
In short, that is my approach. Ultimately, my goal is to create a story that will directly reflect how you and your friends and family experienced this happy day in your lives. To that end, my success is dependent on your level of comfort with me. So beyond my technical and artistic abilities as a photographer, my number one job is to listen to you. To listen to who you and your family and friends are, what you are comfortable with, what you are not, and what your vision of this special day in your life is. By default, I operate in a very non directing, unobtrusive manner when shooting. If a client needs for me to add some direction to the day, I am happy to do that too. It's all about you.

My Style
I shoot primarily in a documentary/artistic style emphasizing the aesthetic value of the photograph. Posed shots are typically done in a more casual, relaxed atmosphere, producing a less traditional type of photograph. I am always open to ideas that you may have in terms of shots that you think may work well, etc.

Based in San Francisco. Available for travel worldwide.

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