About Us

Boogietek is a team of dedicated and compassionate photographers and cinematographers and creative minds that share a passion for telling your story.Our style is unobtrusive, very discreet, and professional – capturing the moments as they happen.

Founded in 1998 by Jose Perdomo III, who comes from a family of photographers from the Dominican Republic. His maternal grandfather Manuel Rodriguez, was the first professional photographer with a studio in his hometown Moca, in the 40’s decade,  his talent was inherited by uncles and cousins who also devoted their life to photography and videography.

Luckily today Boogietek is headquartered out of Davie, FL. The company continues to satisfy brides and grooms as well as over 500 corporate and commercial clients with high-quality and professional video production, photography, and music media coupled with outstanding customer service. You are assured award-winning unique “cinema style” quality of work for your customized movie or album.