About Us

Ahoy hoy, welcome to Booth Boy, may I take a moment to tell you about our fine hand crafted open air photo booths? Yes, fantastic. Booth Boy was founded with one simple premise, to offer the highest quality photographs possible whilst maintaining a unique, vintage inspired aesthetic we love so dear. We like to think we've achieved that, here's how.All our photo booths are built around high end Dslr camera's. We use professional studio lighting to ensure the richest, most flattering light ever to stroke your face. Our photo booths are touch screen operated, we always have an attendant there to help, but we won't be in the way unless you need a hand! On top of all this we take pride in sourcing and makingthe most awesome range of backdrops and props on the market!So, there you go. Thanks for the chat, you know what to do to find out more.