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About Us

Boothomatic is a portable, collapsible, digital photobooth, handcrafted from environmentally friendly bamboo and available to hire for weddings, events, parties or any celebration.

Boothomatic takes the traditional idea of the photobooth and turns it inside out. Instead of sitting inside the booth, grab some friends and stand, sit, jump or do a little dance in front of it, press the handheld wireless trigger and Boothomatic will do the rest.

Portraits can be viewed immediately after they are taken, on a screen at the rear of the booth, creating a visual treat for all of your guests.

Rather than being printed out in the traditional manner, images are supplied to you on a web gallery after the event, so that your guests can download or print as many images as they like. Images can be taken in black & white or color.

Boothomatic is a stylish, slim 2ft x 2ft unit that stands 6ft high and is finished in sleek whitewashed bamboo or natural bamboo. It can be wheeled into position wherever you like, depending on the wall you would like to use as your background.

Boothomatic combines ultra high quality images, a super flattering professional light source and a high resolution LCD screen to deliver instant entertainment and the ultimate party favor to your event.