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About Us

We call ourselves Botanicals for a reason. Our name reflects our belief that the best design is rooted in nature.

We explore, expand and experiment with the endless variety of nature. We think innovative designs are only successful when the innovation is rooted in the natural line, texture and color of flowers, trees, grasses, mosses, fruits, vegetables and the unique environments in which they grow. In this way we avoid the contrived, the lifeless and the imposed -- creating instead the authentic, the vital, and the organic.

At Botanicals we conceive and design events in their entirety by beginning with the floral design. The additional components such as custom lighting, draping, prop design, table appointments, and linens stem from our initial floral concept and blend together to form a thoroughly harmonious backdrop for your very special day.

Okay, you chose each other, now choose a napkin color.

Menus, venues, hours, flowers - choice after choice, that's getting married. And making the best choice is unlikely, and no fun, without enough knowledge.

What we see at Botanicals is how much this knowledge includes self-knowledge.
So that is the premise of our Wedding Workshop, where you examine in detail
how to get the right look and feel for you. And the right choices for you
are a lot more fun to make.