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About Us

I am Barry Lewis, owner and operator of bpl Images.  I have a love of the creative side of life and people.  Put them together and my heart beats just a bit faster.  Add those elements to a wedding day and I have a hard time containing myself.  Two people that are in love enough to celebrate a day they decide to join together as one for the rest of their lives is as good as it gets when you put me there with a camera in my hands.  It’s truly a blessing to have the heartfelt privilege of capturing those moments that happen throughout the entire day.  There is laughter, joy, love, tears, and yes maybe even a little bit of melancholy that pulls at the hearts of the days’ participants.  I can never hold back sharing the laughter of the moment, sometimes a little too boisterously.   I do however constantly struggle to hold back tears from those moments that pull at your heart that I am trying to capture.  No matter what the emotion, we all want to relive the moments we all hold so dear and never want to forget.

The wedding day has many stories to capture with friends and family who have all come together to share in the celebration.  With so many unique personalities, the day touches each of them differently setting a stage for the camera.  I try to put my own unique sense of style to the art of capturing those moments throughout the entire day.  Observing.....waiting....then "click"……the snap of the shutter to capture that one quintessential moment that reflects the essence of the perfect day.   Other times we create moments in order to capture fine art pieces that the couple can share together and with family; and to be passed on to generations yet to come.