221 lachenour avenue
Easton, PA 18042
United States

My base rate is $200 per hour and I accept cash or check. Below is a breakdown of the different types of performances I can offer you:


- 1 hour show which requires a seated audience and a "stage" space at the front large enough to place 4 chairs.

- This show involves guests volunteering to be hypnotized for a variety of wondrous and hilarious feats. It is 100% clean; none of your guests will be humiliated in any way.



- Same physical setup as the hypnosis show.

- A brief segment introduces people to the idea of performance mind reading with small demonstrations.

- The middle portion involves people writing questions in sealed envelopes, which I select at random from a bowl, predict the question inside, and answer it. This is interspersed with three larger effects.

- A special volunteer is selected for a demonstration of extended mind reading in which the audience is assisted in accurately predicting elements from a memory she chooses freely.

- Optionally, I can perform shorter, more personal effects in small settings as I move from group to group throughout the event.



- Sitting at a small table, guests come at their leisure for private readings. This is for entertainment purposes only, but I base my readings on very sound techniques and psychological principles. They are entertaining, yet meaningful. Readings average about 5-10 minutes.

Brandon performs mind reading and hypnosis entertainment for events of any size and venue. He can perform a one or stage show of either type, our walk around your event entertaining guests at their tables.