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About Us

"What I found in Ron was an artist truly passionate about his work with the accreditation and experience to back that up. Not only is his photography exceptional, his photographs are personal and beautiful, emotional and unique, but most of all, each wedding book has its own story; finally, a photographer that understands the concept of photojournalism." D.E. Walker, newlywed

[The difference between photojournalism and photography is simply that each shot, each image delves into the heart of the moment and what is left is a story of memories we'll never forget.]

When it comes down to making plans and choosing the right people to help bring your vision to life, nothing is quite as important as choosing the right photographer. There are flowers to pick, foods to taste, and locations to scout, but the one story captured forever is the one told through photography.

"We absolutely loved all our wedding pictures! Thank you so much Ron for all your beautiful work and for doing it with such flair!" Mina Choi, newlywed

Multiple-camera, digital/film formats are available including color, b/w, infrared, cross-process, large format and canvas/sepia printing.