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About Us

A truly unique blend of photojournalistic and editorial styles that is unobtrusive, stylish and even sexy.

PASSION is what I give you. A passion for life, a passion for photography, and a passion for capturing intimate emotions and details of the most important, and most remembered, day of your life. Each wedding is a new opportunity for me to capture the unique emotions and inner beauty that bring couples together for a lifetime. My passion helps me to capture emotions and moments that I, not only see, but feel, as well. I don't just tell the story of a wedding day. My unobtrusive, photo-journalistic style tells the unique "passionate" story of love and inner beauty of two lives brought together.

My clients allow me into their "true emotions", because I take the time to to get to know them, even before I pick up a camera. When I do get in front of them with a camera (either a bridal or engagement session), they are able to see my passion get a true feel of my style. By the time the wedding day comes around, they are so comfortable with me and confident in my ability to capture their story, they "let their guard down" and show their true self in front of the camera. By getting to know my clients, I'm able to accurately capture all of the emotions they feel, not just the ones they want me to see. I get to know some of my clients so well, that we still talk long after their wedding.

Passion is everywhere in life - let me capture it for you.