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About Us

Our Mission
Our Conflict Free Diamond Guarantee: Brilliant Earth is a socially responsible jeweler offering conflict free diamonds, fair trade colored gem stones, and environmentally responsible gold and platinum. Each Brilliant Earth ring is hand-made with dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. Brilliant Earth believes that luxury goods need not come at great human or environmental cost. Visit our website at http://www.brilliantearth.com/ to see our products or schedule an appointment at our showroom in San Francisco!

What is a Conflict Diamond?
Conflict diamonds have funded devastating civil wars in Africa, ending millions of lives. These conflict diamonds, also known as "blood diamonds", are associated with human rights abuses including violence and worker exploitation, as well as environmental damage. Click Here to read our: Conflict Free Diamond Guarantee

Uncompromised ethics and meticulous craftsmanship. Our rings feature Canadian diamonds, ethically sourced sapphires, and recycled gold and platinum. Now introducing Namibian and Botswana diamonds mined, cut, and polished with fair labor practices.