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About Us

Our philosophy, guided by our personality, is primarily about the trust and relationship that we build with our couples.

There are tons of catch phrases that may describe our style or another, but they're skipping the most important part. To actually catch the emotion that is naturally taking place is the real key.

We do document the events of the wedding day as they happen. We do not pose people in settings that were not natural (besides group formals), we stay in the background, always present, but almost never seen.

As a result, you will get photographs that truly reflect your personality, and not a static collection of the same poses that everyone else has in their own album.

As the photographers of your wedding, it is our job to catch that single moment in time that best portrays your wedding exactly as it happened. After all, every wedding is unique, and in our opinion, every wedding should be photographed with that important fact in mind.

In the early 1940's Life photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson coined the phrase "The Decisive Moment" to explain that every event has a single moment within it that defines that occasion.

We hope that you will look at the following photographs with these thoughts in mind, and see the potential in your own special day.