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Marietta, GA 30060
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About Us

Delighting audiences of all ages, whether it is high energy shows or stunning corporate parties or raucous private parties or memorable weddings, Brookwood Split is the blending of some of the hottest musicians in the Southeast with its own renditions of the most popular rock, funk, and R&B cover songs of the past forty years. And wait until you hear the band’s hot new originals! This group of musicians literally rocks everything it touches! The band’s energetic attitude fuels the creativity that drives this explosive band -- it will simply blow your socks off with its raw energy and powerful interpretations of songs, both familiar and new. Brookwood Split is the smooth confluence of powerful experiences that have shaped our musical world today – it’s fun, exciting, and flat out exhilarating candy to the ears to hear and see this band in action! Once experienced, you will want – and need -- more!!

The ten member cast includes male and female singers with a sizzling horn section and a totally versatile rhythm section that has played together for hundreds of parties and corporate events across the southeast. Brookwood Split comes complete with its own sound and lighting engineer and sound system.

Also included amongst these versatile musicians is a jazz sextet that enlivens music lovers of a more discerning taste. This group plays for dinner music, cocktail hour, or any gathering where Coltrane, Ellington, Jobim and the like are performed with heart felt improvisation and 'feel'.

Make your event a smashing success with the sights and sounds of Brookwood Split. You will leave the party happy you came and tired from dancing!!



When it comes to sax (I said 'sax') John C is The Man. From y'all's buddy across the pond.

May 30, 2012

High energy, blazin' horns -- those are two understatements for this very, very professional and fun band. I've seen them perform more than a 100 times and everytime it is right on the money. Don't miss them for even twice the price. They're 'the bomb!!'

May 29, 2012