About Us

In a split second, I capture moments that will last a lifetime. You can go back to the photographs I take of your wedding over and over again and have your emotions rush back to you as if it were only yesterday.

Your photographs will tell a story, not of what you were wearing or how you were posing, but how you were feeling. A great photograph is one that looks back at you.

The photographs I take of your special day mean as much to me as they do to you. This shows in the amount of time I spend with you before and after your wedding day. By the time of your wedding, you will think of me more as a "friend" than as the "photographer." This is the key to great photographs. When you feel comfortable, you let your guard down and show your true emotions. My unique syle also helps me capture you unaware that you are even being photographed.

A photographer should never choreograph your day. I would much rather take a spontaneous moment than one that is pictured in thousands of albums across the country. This is your day and should reflect you.

This is one of the most important and emotion-filled days of your life. I would like the opportunity to capture it the way you see it in your dreams.