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About Us

Tallant House, Fine sweets & Other Eats is a full service, custom, special order patisserie Serving Greater Seattle and Outlying Areas.

Your wedding cake is no less a statement than your dress, your flowers, or your music. Why settle for a typical layered cake with decorated frosting?

At Tallant House, our French Artisan cakes are made in the old-world European style -- thin, tender sheets cake and dacquoise masterfully layered with mousses, creams, curds, fruits, and ganaches -- like those you find in high-end French patisseries.

Our emphasis is on the way your cake tastes and feels in your mouth, which can only come from using the finest whole food ingredients -- no mixes, no pre-made fillings, no short cuts, and no trans-fats -- just pure, honest goodness, lovingly assembled using traditional French pastry methods. Flavors and combinations are unique and innovative – everything we do is custom designed around you, from an extensive flavor and texture repertoire. Contact us for a private tasting.

Our wedding cake prices are based on per person, for a smooth buttercream finish with basic borders. Additional coverings such as rolled fondant, marzipan or chocolate plastique, poured fondant or ganache, will add to the base per person price. Additional piped or hand modeled decorations or surface treatments are also added on. We didn’t list the design element you want? We can provide a quote based on your design and preferences for many other surface and decorative elements.

Because we are pastry chefs, we love bringing your imagination to life, whether for a wedding or an entirely different celebratory event Don't want a cake? Rather have miniatures, petits fours, plated desserts, or a dessert buffet? A stained-glass work of art in sugar? How about parfaits, elegant pastries, fruit-studded tarts, or even a high-tea? Want cake, but not buttercream or fondant covering? It goes without saying (but we will anyway) that we never shy away from non-traditional coverings... or non-traditional anything for that matter.

Bring us your ideas, we'll be thrilled to bring them to life, delectably.