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About Us

At Callalily photography, we specialize in personal service and custom portraiture for special events. We take pride in tailoring everything from the location for your bridal portrait to your wedding package. We believe your wedding photographer needs to fit your personality and style as much as your wedding gown.

We start with a conversation with the bride and groom in a relaxed atmosphere. This allows us to get to know your personalities so you can be at ease in front of the camera. It also gives us insight into the two things that will make your wedding different from any other. The first is your personality. That needs to come through in the pictures so they become your own. Some brides want to capture the fun and excitement they feel at finding their soul mate. Other brides want to see their devout faith and the religious significance of the journey they are about to start. Most brides are somewhere in the middle, but if we don't talk to you before the wedding we will not know. The second is the details. The unique items you carefully chose for your day, the same type of lilies that your mother carried on her wedding day, the handkerchief that belonged to your grandfather that you carry with your bouquet, or the perfect shoes that took you forever to find. Having been a bride I remember what a stressful day it is. Looking back the details are a blur. Capturing them is our job so you can look back on them for years to come. We know we have done a great job when the bride is flipping through her photos and she asks "where was that?" Or "when did that happen?"

We would consider it an honor to share in the day that will change your life. We look forward to hearing from you.